Cross-border & Local solutions

Why local solutions in new countries


Previnet gained important experience in the Italian market, especially in the pensions and the insurance market. This experience can be exported to other local markets.


Previnet counts on in-house software solutions, supported by open architecture and forefront technologies. Few providers across Europe do the same.

Internationalisation & localisations:

Previnet already experienced how to deliver multilingual and multicountry services. Systems and web solutions are designed to support flexibility and scalability.

BPO is possible:

Administration can be provided online. Customers determine which business processes are to be outsourced and to what extent. Previnet can deliver its service everywhere.

Start local to go cross-border:

Each local market has its own peculiarities. Tax & social issues and a lot more. New partnerships can start from a domestic only co-operation.

Why cross-border

Cross-border pensions:

Cross-border schemes and IORPs are not so many so far, for a series of reasons. Previnet believes that obstacles can be overcome.


Consultants expects that one third of Multinational will have their cross border plan by 2015. International Pension Plan, DC based, are growing at a steady rate. Growth in DC plans is expected to continue at 7% p.a.


60 million people are in DC plans in Europe. The number of internationally mobile employees has doubled in respect of 2005-2008. Potential market of mobile workers: about 10 millions people.

First mover advantage:

Competition in the cross-border pensions market is currently limited. Previnet is working to be the first mover.

Proof of concept:

Previnet already experienced that operating in various countries is possible.

International experience

Previnet has already developed its own model capable to deliver cross-border solutions to international players including: