Finance - Investment Management Solutions

As the investment management landscape evolves, Previnet has developed a highly specialised range of services and software solutions for Financial Intermediaries.
Our mission is to offer modular administration services and personalised IT solutions in order to support the specific needs of our Clients. Our solutions are specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with our Clients' operating and business models, reduce complexity and reduce costs.
Every solution that is delivered by Previnet is the result of a thorough analysis of Client's needs, Client's business and operating model and market, counterparties and regulatory environment.

Service Range

Previnet provides a comprehensive and effective service range for financial intermediaries.
Services can be adapted to suit the requirements of each individual Intermediary, thus providing support in all its main business activities, from asset management, investor services to financial products distribution. Previnet provides services for the following range of products:

Investments Funds and services Segregated Managed Accounts Special Purpose Vehicles

Fund Administration and Securities Services

Middle office services - Previnet provides the following services:

Middle office services are provided for investment funds, managed accounts, pension funds and insurance product portfolios, private foundations.

NAV calculation - Previnet provides the following activities:

NAV calculation range of services are provided for investments funds, managed accounts, pension funds and insurance products portfolios, private foundations

Investor Services

Previnet offers a comprehensive range of Transfer Agency (TA) services for local and cross border Investments Funds.

Services include:

Financial Products Distribution Services

Previnet supports financial product distributors and financial advisors networks by providing the following services:

Previnet services can support the following products distributed to investors:

Software Products

Previnet offers a suite of software products that enables Clients to integrate and complement the range of administration services.

Portfolio Management Tools - Previnet solutions are aimed at supporting Asset Managers carrying out the following activities while implementing their portfolio investment strategies:

Data Management Solution - The data management solution enables Clients to receive financial instruments reference data, prices and corporate actions from different data providers (Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Six Telekurs, Interactive Data, etc) match and check them in order to produce the golden copy according to specific roles. Main functionalities include:

Web Banker - Web Banker is a web based solution for Investor and Financial Advisors which provides the following tools and functionalities:

Software solutions for Multi Brand Loan and Mortgage Brokers - The web solution is aimed at loan and mortgage brokers. This instrument allows them to compare, propose and sell financial products to retail and corporate Clients. The solution includes the following functionalities:

Interactive Web Site

Admin Platform