03/2021 European Pensions Magazine
Cross-Border collaboration projects (M.Braico interviewed)
02/2020 European Pensions Magazine
Pensions Technology – entering a digital age (M.Braico interviewed)
02/2020 PMI Pensions Aspects Magazine
Recipe for cross-border pensions (D.Malesic’s Article)
03/2019 Global Benefits Vision
(D. Malesic's article: eHealth & Prevention Programs)
01/2019 Global Benefits Vision
(D. Malesic's interview on 24th Jan in Zeist-The Netherlands)
04/2018 Global Benefits Vision
(D. Malesic's article: Providing an efficient admin model in the cross-border environment)
11/2017 European Pensions Magazine
Overcoming the cross-border pensions challenges
11/2017 Previnet’s advert
Previnet – delivering Pensions across borders
11/2016 European Pensions Magazine
RESAVER - The world's most ambitious cross-border plan
10/2016 Institutional Money DE
(M.Braico on RESAVER)
09/2016 European Pensions magazine
(cross-border pensions - D.Malesic interviewed)
09/2016 Previnet best pension scheme administrator
European Pensions Award 2016
08/2016 IPE magazine
Researchers in cross-border test (M.Braico interviewed)
04/2016 IPE magazine
Previnet wins mandate to manage RESAVER
04/2016 RESAVER Press release
RESAVER IORP names prominent international firms as providers
09/2015 European Pensions magazine
(cross-border pensions – M.Braico interviewed)
01/2015 Previnet’s Brochure
Flying cross-border is possible
11/2014 European Pensions magazine
(Merger & Acquisition – M.Braico interviewed)
03/2014 European Pensions magazine
(Member engagement & Pensions communications - M. Braico interviewed)
07/2013 European Pensions magazine
(LifeStyling & Default funds in Europe - M. Braico interviewed)
04/2013 European Pensions magazine
(Pan-European Pensions - M. Braico interviewed)
09/2011 European Pension magazine
(Rise of the Machines - M. Braico interviewed)
08/2011 European pensions magazine
(Previnet winner at the EP Awards 2011)
11/2008 IPE magazine
(NATO DCPS - winner at the IPE Awards 2008)
08/2008 European Pensions magazine
(Previnet winner at EP Awards 2008)
07/2007 European Pension magazine
(Previnet's sponsored commentary)

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